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a craft cocktail oasis

For a culture centered on epicurean enjoyment, the French have been slow to the cocktail game outside of Paris. Some say it’s because booze isn’t a traditional tipple. The lack of an essential ingredient, ice, is a factor, and with all that good wine, can you blame them? Others lament that the sugary concoctions of the 90’s (see: Sex On The Beach) have left a bad taste in France's mouth. Luckily, there's nothing but palate pleasers at Gaspard. 

living la vida modern

At NYU, inspired my cosmopolitan campuses in NY and Paris, I incorporated Urban Studies into my made-to-order major. I was, and still am, fascinated by how cities tick both architecturally and anthropologically, and particularly how their design affects the daily lives of their inhabitants. So when I learned that Marseille is home to Le Corbusier’s first and most famous foray into modernist apartment living: la Cité Radieuse, I was delighted. I was downright thrilled to discover the Radiant City still buzzed with the community spirit Le Corbusier intended. Visitors can tour an historically-preserved apartment, check out a bookstore, a rooftop museum MAMO, dine at a gastronomic restaurant, and even bunk at the hotel within the building’s walls. My fellow fans of architecture, design buffs, and curiosity seekers – this spot is for you!