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a craft cocktail oasis

For a culture centered on epicurean enjoyment, the French have been slow to the cocktail game outside of Paris. Some say it’s because booze isn’t a traditional tipple. The lack of an essential ingredient, ice, is a factor, and with all that good wine, can you blame them? Others lament that the sugary concoctions of the 90’s (see: Sex On The Beach) have left a bad taste in France's mouth. Luckily, there's nothing but palate pleasers at Gaspard. 

good vibes, great coffee

In French, le café refers to both the drink and the place where you sip it. While the French excel at latter--it is as intrinsic to the country as bread with every meal-- the beverage itself is surprisingly awful for the gastronomically inclined Gauls. Luckily, the third wave of coffee and its small batch, indie goodness has hit France. In Marseille, that wave has crashed with Coogee.