vintage with a twist

vintage with a twist


Nestled in Noailles, this lovely little brocante bar embodies why brick and mortar is way better than shopping online. Aptly housed in an old building, the period decor--from a floral wallpapered ceiling to a colorful, patterned tile floor--provide the perfect backdrop for the 20th century housewares, furniture, and clothes found inside. 


Owner Amélie has amazing taste, which she honed while working the Paris flea markets. Score champagne coupes, Vidal de la Blache maps, colorful ceramic pitchers and glass lamps—her reasonable prices guarantee there’s something for every budget. The well-edited racks of fripes offer 80s leather skirts, flirty 70’s dresses, and 60’s tweedy blazers. Fashionistas will fawn over the stylish purses. 


In the back of the store, a 50’s Formica bar fits right in. Sip natural wines, coffee, beers—including local organic brewery Part Faite--and nibble on charcuterie. Booze and shopping make excellent bedfellows, hence the inspirations behind Joli Rouge's fun soirées throughout the year. Come for DJ’s spinning Bossa Nova alongside ceviche or pop up shows by local artists.  


Joli Rouge is named for the Jolly Roger, itself rumored to be an Anglicization of the red flag, the Jolie Rouge, of French privateers. Luckily for us, Amélie's vintage treasures aren't buried, but prettily displayed at this charming boutique. Shops ahoy! 

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nearby Maison Empereur, L’Épicerie Idéal

hours M 2-7 | Tu–Sa 10h30-19h30

Joli Rouge

72, rue Aubagne




the godfather and good mother of pizza

the godfather and good mother of pizza

good vibes, great coffee

good vibes, great coffee